The deputy leader of the Oodua Action Movement, Mr. Sam Oyabayo, has described Oodua activist Sunday Igboho as someone who deserved a round of applause and not condemnation. He stated this in an interview with IrokopostTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo, a day after Mr. Igboho led a group of Yoruba activists to chase away Fulani people residing in Igangan, in Oyo State of Nigeria.

Mr. Oyabayo flatly stated that Nigeria was not working and would never work. He called for a return to the pre-1914 structure.

“Nigeria is not working, and it will never work because we didn’t agree to live together,”…

It is not news anymore that Christians around the world sold out Jesus and bought outgoing US President Donald Trump. From Lagos to Louisiana, from Soweto to San Polo, Christians bent what they knew to be right to get crooked Trump to fit in. They separated private morality from public postures just to let themselves sleep well at night.

As President Trump goes home to Mar-a-Lago, within the inner sanctuaries of churches, Christians now ask questions about how they allowed themselves to be fooled by a man who did not hide who he was for one second.

We need to…


I feel like a failure. No form of failure is as devastating to me as a failure to communicate because I was supposed to be a communicator.

I’ve always enjoyed friendships, especially yours. And at the core of what makes friendships worth it for me is how they make me a better person, make me grow, and make me see my flaws. I attribute that richness to my desire for unfettered and honest communication in any friendship. Vigorous discussions and challenging conversations are the gardens where bonds grow.

Those that I have superficial conversations with, I do not boast…

Fellow Americans,

Nobody knows the joy of winning better than I do, believe me. I have always been a winner for as long as I can remember. Okay? Nobody knows the beauty of fighting to win better than I do. I am always a fighter and when I fight, I win. Everybody knows that.

I have reached the very top. Absolutely. And I reached the top at a very tremendous speed. You all know it. The first time I ran for office, I ran for president. It was beautiful. Right? What usually takes great men three attempts before they get…

My dear American people,

On the eve of the 2015 elections in Nigeria, President Barack Obama addressed the Nigerian people from the Oval Office. Following that tradition, I want to say a few words to you.

Most of you may not know me. My name is Muhammadu Buhari, a retired general. I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, with its largest economy. I address you today concerning your 2020 elections, taking place on Tuesday, November 3.

Your experiment over the last four years has been fun while it…

Brother: Because as a Catholic knight, I am obliged to defend Christian values and as far as I can see, Biden is an apostate while Trump is the one defending Christian values. As someone worried that what happens in America will finally reach us, I urged my fellow Christians to vote for Trump.

My brother, you know that you are my man, anytime. But on this one, you’re mistaken.

Peter Obi once said that “When the premise of an argument is wrong, the conclusion is also wrong.”

The premise of your argument is so wrong.

First of all, you protecting…

(This article was first published on on May 5, 2001. It is republished here unedited)

In 1300, as the Byzantine Empire was declining, the Turks in Anatolia began to conquer neighboring regions and by doing so, founded what was later known as the Ottoman Empire. Through war, alliances, and outright purchase, the Ottomans in 1481 had expanded into much of Europe’s south. The Ottomans evolved a unique military and administrative system called the devsirme. Under the system, Christian youths from the Balkans were drafted and converted into Islam and subjected to a lifetime service of the Sultan. In the…

Why Africans are toppling the statues of Jesus

And it came to pass, that on the first day of His Second Coming, while He was taking a walk along the banks of the confluence where River Niger met River Benue, the multitude beseeched Him, yelling, “Son of God, Son of God, why do you look different from the picture of yours in all the calendars in our parlors.” Others shouted, “Son of God, Son of God, why do you look different from your statues in front of our church, and by the entrance of our parsonage?”

Others shouted that His…

In a sweeping review of the performance of elected officials from the South East, Senate minority leader confessed that all of the political leaders from the Eastern part of Nigeria have failed to serve the people of the region properly. He made the admission while talking with Rudolf Okonkwo of Irokopost TV. He insisted that the governors, as well as other elected members in the states and national assemblies could do more.

The Senator representing Abia South lamented that, essentially, there is no coordination or relationship between people from the East at the National Assembly and those at the National…

The Minority Leader in the Nigerian Senate, Mr. Enyinnaya Abaribe has said that in a hypothetical referendum for Biafra, he would vote yes. He made the declaration in an interview with Rudolf Okonkwo of Irokopost TV. “I will vote for us to actually be on our own,” he said. “I think we are being dragged down by all the different things that weigh Nigeria down.”

The senator representing Abia-South Constituency in the Senate, however, warned that the Nigerian constitution does not have a provision for a referendum. “Which means, if you want a referendum, you have to go outside the…

Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo is the author of "This American Life Sef."

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