Fulanis are ruthless, Sunday Igboho deserves a round of applause, says Sam Oyabayo of Odooa Action Movement.

The deputy leader of the Oodua Action Movement, Mr. Sam Oyabayo, has described Oodua activist Sunday Igboho as someone who deserved a round of applause and not condemnation. He stated this in an interview with IrokopostTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo, a day after Mr. Igboho led a group of Yoruba activists to chase away Fulani people residing in Igangan, in Oyo State of Nigeria.

Mr. Oyabayo flatly stated that Nigeria was not working and would never work. He called for a return to the pre-1914 structure.

“Nigeria is not working, and it will never work because we didn’t agree to live together,” Mr. Oyabayo said. “It is a false marriage.”

Pressed further on why he felt restructuring as being advocated by some would not fix what ailed Nigeria, he said that if the North had been smart and agreed on restructuring a while ago, the South would have approved. But he said that time had overtaken that option because old and new happenings have shown that “you cannot do business with the North.”

“The Fulani are very ruthless,” Sam Oyabayo said. “They don’t believe in equality. They believe in a master-slave relationship. The people in power in the South are emulating them. It is not working. We cannot sit around the table with people who believe they are born to rule… Born to rule is one thing but having the skill to rule is another.”

Mr. Oyabayo faulted the failure of the state and federal government to protect lives and properties. He said that in such a situation, where there is no law and no order, individuals like Sunday Igboho, have no option but to protect themselves and their communities. “There is no law,” Mr. Oyabayo said. “If the law is there and it is working, we won’t ask Sunday Igboho to do the work.”

The UK based activist expressed concern that the government at every level has ignored the kidnappings and killings going on in the South West.

“The warrior bit of the Yoruba is coming out,” he warned those Fulani elements angling for confrontation.

“Nigeria should not have existed,” Oyabayo said. “Nigeria needs to metamorphose.” The activist stated that seceding is not the right term to use because we didn’t start Nigeria, and as such, we could not end what we didn’t start. He preferred that Nigeria should morph into something close to what it was pre-1914.

“Fredrick Lugard was an evil man,” he said about the United Kingdom’s first governor-general, who in 1914 amalgamated the Southern and Northern protectorates and called it Nigeria. “If you are forced to be in a marriage, you don’t ask for a divorce; you ask for an annulment, not divorce. Let us go back to pre-1914.”

Mr. Oyabayo said that even though his group, the Oodua Action Movement, does not work directly with Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafran movement, they are not against the Biafrans. He also expressed support for the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities of the Southern and Middle Belt Territories, pushing for the discarding of Nigeria’s 1999 constitution. However, he stated that the group needed to develop a grand plan of what would happen after the 90-day ultimatum that they gave the federal government following their declaration of Force Majeure on December 16, 2020.

In part 2 of his interview with IrokopostTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo, Mr. Oyabayo talked about Bola Tinubu’s 2023 presidential ambition and what he felt Tinubu should be doing right now. He also told how he supported Omoyele Sowore’s presidential campaign in 2019 and the epiphany he had from that experience that led him to Oodua Action Movement, where he stands now.

To watch the video of the interview, please click on the link below.


Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo is the author of "This American Life Sef."

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